Adding different fields to inventory sheet


Hi there
We run a business selling second hand goods so have a large number of different products and once they are gone, that is it so we have a very large number of product codes that are unused.

Also we have a very large number of products.

What I would like to do is add new fields to the Check In that would then be copied into the inventory. These include things like price, location, manufacturer, dimensions, type of product, etc.

What I would then like to be able to do is from the Inventory sheet is be able to filter these so I could see items from the same manufacturer for instance.

Obviously I would like to hide the items with zero stock as some of these could be well out of date but this would be able to be covered by a filter, I think.

Adding extra columns does not look too tough but I am not sure how the filter would work. We are on GSuite.


Hey @mikec

Let’s take this step by step.

Surely this is doable. Append your new columns at the end of each respective sheet that needs those. The newly added columns will be synced across your spreadsheets thanks to the Sheetgo connections.

I will split this into a separate thread to keep overview.

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Hi Bobby
Thanks for your response. I can add extra columns to the input spreadsheet (Check-in) but I have tried both seeing whether they get automatically added to the central/main document (Inventory master) or adding them manually and in both cases the data does not get copied across.

I would guess that I have to somehow copy/input the formulas over but this is beyond my knowledge. I cannot drag them across as there are additional columns in between and while I tried some obvious swapping of column names within the formulas, it doesn’t seem to have worked.


@mikec would you mind giving me temporary acccess? Then I can investigate your issue.



I have tried to share and get the error “user not registered on Sheetgo”.


Can you please try instead?

Btw, please also your your Google Sheets, not only your Sheetgo connections/workflow.



Done on Google sheets and Sheetgo


Your changes got synced to the highlighted hidden sheet.

Now it’s just a matter of expanding the formulas: