Automatic Upper Case In Google Form



Do you have any idea how to write a script in Google Form that it will automatically upper case no matter how you type when it submit to the response spreadsheet.

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Hi @desmondlee, glad reading from you. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do the App Script on the Forms but on the Google Sheet after submitting and entering into the spreadsheet.

Does that work?


As long as the letter submitted to the responses sheet is upper case will be good enough for me


Hey @desmondlee, here is a script that should do the job:

Let me know!


I dont know whether this works of not. I remember I did create a script to auto upper case direct to the responses spreadsheet. The result is those I type directly will become upper case but those data from google form doesn’t work. Let me try first


Hi Bobby
I know nothing about script and it shows this


@desmondlee can you share a link to your script and test sheet?