Best way to set timing for Sheetgo files?


I have a Google Doc that refreshes from Salesforce using G-Connector and then several other docs connected to that file using Sheetgo. I am running into an issue where the if any of the Sheetgo files refresh at the same time as the G-Connector file refreshes, I get incomplete data. I know the timing of the G-Connector file, but what is the best way to set timing of Sheetgo files? I setup each file to refresh hourly and also setup a workflow to refresh hourly but the schedule does not seem to stay consistent. Should I turn off scheduling on the files themselves and just use the scheduling in the workflow instead? Thanks


Hi @matthew,

Can you please share your current timing with us? Depending on it, we can set the ideal schedule for Sheetgo. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


The G-Connector file refreshes at 20 minutes past the hour. I would like to make sure the connections in the “Sales Commissions Updates” workflow refresh at a different time. Possibly around 30 minutes past the hour just to put a buffer between them.


Thanks @matthew! I am not sure we have a graphical way to adjust that as of now.

@eugenia @chad any ideas?

I will add it to the ideas list.

For now, I believe @maumau can manually set the workflow to update 30 minutes past the hour. :hugs::yum:


@matthew I have taken a note for this feature to be added to one of our future releases. :hugs: