Connect Sheetgo with FullContact


Please help!!

I use FullContact to manage my contacts. FullContact has a Google Sheets Add-in, however I have been using Microsoft Excel for over 30 years and I have never used Google Sheets. From my limited knowledge of Google Sheets, it will not allow me to filter a table, so I need to:

  1. Send data from Google Sheets to Excel.
  2. Edit the data in Excel.
  3. Send data back to Google Sheets.
  4. Update FullContact.


Hi Mike! I will help you don’t you worry. Steps 1-3 can be done using Sheetgo but for step 4 I don’t have available information yet.

  1. Storage your files in a Google Drive
  2. Connect your Google Sheets to Excel
  3. Edit your data in Excel in a separated tab (Sheetgo always bring the data overriding it’s own tab. Use your preferred array formula)
  4. Send the data back to Google Sheets (From the tab you edited your contacts before)
  5. Update manually your FullContact.

Let me know if this can help you if not reply back.