Consolidate not consolidating all the information



Bobby & Sheetgo Techical Team
There is some serious issue in Sheetgo data consolidation. Some data is missing. I have 9 connection in consolidation and some data I have calculated wrongly and submitted to my management. This is due to some data is not pull from the source. Example production line MY A2 data month 26/6/2019 is completely missing from the consolidated main database. See evidence below:
This is my source data:

This is the sheetgo consolidated data. You can see the June 26/2019 data is all missing


See the source data until July 7, 2019. But Main Database only pull until June 25, 2017. Where is the rest?


Some connection has no issue. See below date some connection is latest until July 2, 2019


These are all my connections. 10 connection.


@desmondlee are you using a filter or query with that connection?

Does it happen consistently every time you update?


Yes its consistently for the production line MY A2 and all date 26/6/2019 and above missing until now


What is the finding? I try do remove and make a fresh connection but nothing works. Only one connect MY A2 stop pull date from 26/6/2019 and onwards. The rest is ok


I created a new stand alone connection and every thing is ok. See link:



  1. by standalone you mean simple connect (not consolidate)?
  2. Can you share the consolidate one with issues with my email Need to be able to reproduce it.



standalone mean no consolidation it just connection. This is a very huge system that link to many places in the factory. I will create a mock file on that source that has problem and the main database file which consolidate all the other file. This mock file is reproducible and I think its this MY A2 file is an issue.



Source File


Any solution from Sheetgo technical team? Need to solve this urgent because I need to run month end report


@desmondlee any possibility to make the source MY A2 smaller?

I may be that this sheet is not entering the consolidation because formulas on the sheet are preventing Sheetgo from accessing it. Those formulas take too long to finish:


The consolidation is on the responses and not on the formula tab. All other 9 files is a duplicate of this file and they are all working fine. The only different is that this file is very busy and has huge data


I create another fresh connection to act as mirror and use this mirror file to link back to the main database. Same sympton.


@desmondlee there is not much we can do here from the side of Sheetgo. Your source file is simply too heavy. Google Sheets is not handling the sheer volume well.

While we are always working on improvements to our support of large files, short-term we need to think of a way to restructure your data to make the file smaller and more efficient.

Can we set up a call to go over this challenge together?

You can use this link to schedule according to your calendar:


Let me try one more thing before I decide to make this conference call. Maybe this is my own issue


Please do so and let us know, thanks!


Solved. Its the connection setting which I let sheetgo to choose by itself. So I change that to query and put SELECT * ORDER BY A everything become OK