File import on traceability system



I’m writing to ask you about importing some data on our traceability system.

We would need to import this data into our system via a CSV file, as we should do?


Hi @roberto,

You can import CSV files into your system.

When creating/editing a connection, choose to select your source file and search for your CSV file(s) on your Google Drive.

If your CSV files are offline, install Google Drive for your Desktop to synchronise them with your Google Drive. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


question isn’t source file but destination file, my source file must be a Excel/sheet file and I need destination file can be a csv file to manage and import in local application. Can sheetgo transform / export my source Excel file in csv?


@roberto that’s a very good question, indeed! :face_with_monocle:

@eugenia @chad have you had success exporting to a CSV file on Google Drive?


@Bobby @roberto

Yes I have. I just selected an existing empty CSV in Google drive as the destination.
Check out
ToCSV connection

Gets dumped here:


@eugenia nice! Thanks for the demo! :partying_face: