Frequently Asked Questions


I’m doing some research about SaaS companies and I had a few questions for you at Sheetgo…

  1. What is a common problem users need assistance with?
  2. What issues do users typically have about pricing? Do many people ask for discounts? If so, what is your go to action when they do?
  3. What do you do to let the user know that the call is going over the 30 minute time window?
  4. Do you give alternative options to services or software when you see that Sheetgo isn’t something they need at that time? If yes, what do you commonly suggest?


Hi @Jennifer93,

Happy to support your research.

Frequent problems include:

  • Connect Excel with Google Sheets
  • Automate copy-pasting across spreadsheets
  • Create consolidations
  • Create appended archives
  • They don’t understand well the differences between the different subscription plans
  • They are not aware of our trial structure
  • They are not aware that Sheetgo can be used free of charge with limitations.

Larger teams as well as non-profits and schools do.

We negotiate with larger teams and grant discounts to non-profits and schools who are eligible.

I don’t understand your question. I don’t do any 30 minutes calls as a general rule.

Yes, frequently I include Zapier and IFTTT.