How to activate my filter tool


When I select Filter I don’t have any options to move further, what should I do to create and add to my filters?


Hi @Tyla
Please take a look at this GIF I made for you.
Let me know if you can find it:


Hi @tyla,

What do you mean by moving further?

Can you elaborate your initial struggle a bit more?

Maybe we can improve something in the product. :blush::+1:


This helped! Thanks:+1:


@Tyla @Bobby
It might also be that you didn’t add a source. Hence there was nothing to filter, so you had no options to do it. :wink:


@eugenia @Tyla do you think we need to improve something in the product? It’s too difficult still?


@Bobby I don’t think so.

You can also find good resources on the help center:


No, I understand now thanks guys :sweat_smile: I just didn’t know about clicking to the right on the 3 dots