How to import multiple tables from website using ImportXML to googlesheets by overriding 50 request limit, and splitting details table data




I would like to:

(A) Confirm a way to import details table data for all 497 venues, via the following url, in one =ImportXml request. I would like to do this to override the 50 request limit, as I have to add 50 requests at a time by ten times to complete import of all data. Which is taking to long to import data for each 50 requests. Url=:{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62456&All=yes.

The page is split into two sections: left side displays the 497 venues,and the right displays the Details table data for the venue you select.

(B) I would also like to import details table data for each venue as follows transposed from vertical to horizontal as follows:

Displays the headers on row 1 ie (Also known as:, Map Reference:, Postal:, Telephone:, Internet:, Contacts:, Area Served:, Meeting Times:, Facilities:, Parent Body:, Subjects:, Last Updated:),

Display the respective data for each header on row two.

I have been able to import this details table data, but the data is displayed with headers and data together.

Google spreadsheet link is:

Any help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated.


Where is this 50 request limit coming from?


Hi Bobby,
It is a limit applied by Google for Google sheets, making requests for ImportXML, ImportHtml, ImportData & ImportFeed. Refer to this url:


@Snowie89 this might help you!


Hi Bobby,
I tried this code before but was not successful, attempted again today both ways, after authorising script:
(A) In a cell: =importRegex(C2,"//table[3]//table[3]"), error message: Error
Invalid argument: http://www.datascape.<?>/infocomse/morelandcc/search.cfm?Page=Details&SS=yes&DIL=no&StartRow=1&ShowAll=Yes&LP=Details&IT=&Opt=&DirPath=114Halls~and~Meeting~Rooms~for~Hire&DirCond={LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62456&All=yes (line 3).

(B) Run via script: error message: DNS error: http://undefined (line 3, file “Code”).

Could you please advise what these two errors mean and how to resolve this. As the url is valid, as per results in sheet I sent to you.

Also do you have a resolution of how to split the headers and and respective data on two rows, for each of the 497 venues.


Requested access to your spreadsheet, thanks!


Hi Bobby,

Have you been able to solve my two issues ?




Dear @Snowie89,

I am sorry but I haven’t been able to find a solution.

Maybe someone else from the community can pick it up!


Hi Bobby,

Thanks for investigating my issues anyway. Has anyone got any clues how to solve my two issues ?