How to make a invoice with multiple items?



Hi ! I’m testing sheetgo to see if it’s a possible solution for our organization.
I’ve made my first invoice and everything works fine.
Now I’m asking myself how to produce one invoice with multiple items in it. Right now it just gave me multiple invoices… or only one with the first item.


Hi! I also would like to be able to include multiple items on the same invoice - is this possible?


Hi There,

This is more complicated. It takes a lot of tweaking with the code. Are you guys familiar with Javascript @val_dg @TEd ?


i too have similar problem and also I am now much programming friendly. Can it be done otherwise


@Anand_Sharma we are working on a version to support multiple items.

Will announce here when it’s ready.


Has there been any updates on this? I might even take the script if you provide and try to see if I can fiddle with it myself. Thanks!


@Paulina_Pelaez this is the latest version we have. It’s not ready yet but feel free to do the remaining modifications yourself!

Release of latest version 17.07.2019. Please test!

@bobby, @Anand_Sharma, @Paulina_Pelaez, @eugenia, @TEd, @val_dg,
There is a workaround to this problem, with no programming with the standard version and YES, you can have multiple services/products in your invoices with no programming.

Create a set of 4 new columns for each service/product and name them accordingly. In our example for a service named Service 2 we create 4 new columns with the following names: service2, qty2, unit_price2, subtotal2.
Then, in the Invoice template, in the second row, below service1, use the appropriate tags according to the column names: %service2%, %qty2%, %unit_price2%, %subtotal2%.
If you want to have the option for more products/services, just use more 4-column-sets. Only the products that you fill are shown in the Invoice.

Release of latest version 17.07.2019. Please test!

@Ioannis_Pailas nice finding! This is excellent. Thanks for sharing with the community. :slight_smile:


Well, it needs some coding if you want to have neat results.

  1. Let’s say that in the datasheet you have the ability to include 5 services but you only sold 2 with the invoice.
    In this scenario we would like to hide the tags for the services not sold, like this:

    To achieve this, in the Invoice Generator script you go to line 201 and insert the following elseif statement:
    } else if (key.value === “”) {
    replace(’%’ + key + ‘%’, “”, docBody); // Replace empty value

  2. We want the currency sign to appear whenever we have a price or a total. Well the code is already ready for this. Just use the words “price” or “total” in a column’s name, and the currency sign appears next to it in the invoice. If you want to change the position of the currency sign (we use Euro sign after the price), just edit line 198 accordingly:
    replace('%' + key + '%', values.toFixed(2) + ' €', docBody); // Replace values