How to prevent Sheetgo from overwriting data?


There’s an issue with updating my data to the sheetgo template. It will update itself to the sheetgo data after inputing my data and updating it. Thank you


Dear @Dakrah,

Which template are you experiencing the issue with?

Could you also specify the sheet tab and cell range that is affected?

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face::wave:


Hi Dakrah,
First of all I would recommend you to read our Inventory Template Article on our Help Center by clicking here. Also Sheetgo will always override the inventory template management mastersheet. It’s designed only to bring all the data from Check-in and Check-out spreadsheets from the same folder and update it onto mastersheet.
Could you please provide some images of your sources and destinations? Or just give us a folder so we can see how you’re trying to use it. So we can help you faster with your Sheetgo template inquiry and needs. Didn’t is clear to us what’s really happening and where.
Thanks Dakrah :wink:


Inventory Management Template. Generally, I’m having issues with updating my data in the sheetgo template tab.
Thank You.


Thanks @Dakrah!

Could you please temporarily share your spreadsheet with me, for me to debug your problem?

My email is

Appreciated! :blush::+1:


@Dakrah can you please also give me access to the source file?