How to query Column A base on Column C value


Anybody knows how to query column A value base on Column C value? I know how to filter but I prefer query.


Hi @desmondlee

How about something link:


C cannot be a single value. C is a range of value comparing to another range of value (also at column C) at the raw data to retrieve the value. only those both C(s) will be extract including duolicate


@desmondlee how about the following approach:

  1. Check if both source columns match and have the same value
  2. Use a query to only get those rows where they match (see 1)

Check below example. Important cells to look at are E1 and G1.


Thanks bobby. I have 67,000 data to put TRUE n FALSE ! BTW my CIO in HQ still did not get back to me whether or not to allow me to subscribe ONE ADVANCE plan. I hope she can approve that.


How about using =ARRAYFORMULA?



No I don’t think I want to put in a 67000 row and its still slow. I tried and I saw it very slow. What is the fastest formula to pick the earliest date in tab WO Start Rev 03-1 column A reference to WO with criteria on column C:C

=ARRAYFORMULA(QUERY({‘WO Start Rev 03 -1’!A:J,N(ISNUMBER(MATCH(‘WO Start Rev 03 -1’!C:C,C:C,0)))}, “SELECT Col1,Col3,Col9,Col6 WHERE Col11=1”))


How about you sort by earliest date in this column and then return the first row from the top?


No practical to do that because database is shared by the whole plant and everyone view only except me. That is why everything I do I avoid go right to the database.


Hi Bobby
Arrayformula is good and fast in large data


Glad to hear! Always prefer it over =query or =filter, if possible.

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I already have a better idea and I will share it later. There is no need to put helper in the source 67000 data