Hyperlinks not being transferred




We have a source sheet with some hyperlinked text which is being synced to another destination spreadsheet with Sheetgo.

The problem is that Sheetgo doesn’t keep hyperlinks. It only transfers the text to the final destination.

text —> text

Is there a way to overcome this?

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Hi there @karaburmication

If you mean the =HYPERLINK() formula, that is because no formulas are actually transferred. The same would happen with let’s say a =SUM().
The best way to overcome this would be to actually split this on your source file, so you can concatenate it back into a formula once your data is transferred to the destination.


Thank you for your response.

Wouldn’t in that case every additional sync overwrite the destination and break the concatenation formula as we don’t have it in the source as well?


I’d actually put the formula only on the destination, not on the source.
So lets say, on the source I’d split the link on column A and B, Being A the address and B the Link title.
Then on the Destination I’d do a formula (on a different Sheet), first bringing the array, then symply a =Hyperlink(A,B)
Would you like to share a file so we could do it?


@eugenia @karaburmication


Thank you. Your workaround is valid, but unfortunately it won’t work for our scenario.

So, basically this is the use case I’m referring to:

We have a sheet (let’s call it Source sheet) where we sum up some information from various sources and present it as a general dashboard to our stakeholders. In order not to allow other people to access or view everything we have in source spreadsheet (other sheets, etc), we have created a destination sheet and synced it with Sheetgo, which looks exactly the same as the source one (thanks, Sheetgo :grinning: )

The goal is to keep the layout exactly the same as on the source side, without adding new sheets with formulas referencing fields that might not exist in the future (we can easily remove the whole destination sheet and run Sheetgo sync again in case of some formatting error, or any significant change on the source side, etc, but then the concatenation formula will stop working and we need to address it each time we do that.)

So, if we import everything to destination sheet, and then create another one just to concatenate links, we can’t put back the links in the sheet as it would create a loop (concatenate A and B and put the result back in A). This also means that we would need to make changes on the source sheet, as we don’t have 2 fields for the hyperlink, but only 1.

I hope I was able to explain in more detail.

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Thanks! Would it work for you if, as a workaround, we would be using and transferring notes that contain the links?



Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work.

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@chad @eugenia let us know if you have anything to add or whether you think we need to re-prioritise support for =hyperlink on the roadmap.


Yes, I am having the exact same problem with =hyperlink

I have about fifty (50) new Excel Spreadsheets that come in daily and each row of each spreadsheet has a hyperlink. I would love if the hyperlink could be preserved on the transfer.

So, what we have to do now is run a Python Script on a folder containing the excel files- adding a few more steps to our workflow.

So a resounding Yes! that it would be a nice feature to add.

Preserve hyperlinks or give us the ability to add a new column with the link instead of just stripping the link and leaving plain text on transfers.


Why can’t you add a new column to your source that containst the link?

Sheetgo will transfer it without any issues.


Because it would have to be manually done or by script to every single excel file before I even use Sheetgo.

What Sheetgo transfer process does is - strip the link from the text and just leaves the text. The link is just tossed???

That does no user any good at all.

Excel to Sheets transfer preserves the link perfectly.

I just want what I input to output.

If Sheetgo could either fix the bug and hyperlinks transfer properly that would be great.

Or if Sheetgo could automate a new column on hyperlinks and extract the text in its original column (like it does now) and then place the link in the new column.

But to just toss the link away makes the text useless.


@QueXopa after today’s discussion in the team, we agreed to put this on the roadmap. However, I cannot give you an ETA as of yet.

This is an interesting idea we will take into account.