Importrange issues with Google Sheets - thought Sheetgo could help


When I try to link spreadsheets using the ImportRange function in Google Sheets, it keeps saying there is an error linking spreadsheets and to make sure I have permission to access. I have used these two spreadsheets with import range for years without issue - it just seems to be in the last two weeks that it won’t work. Based on a rec I decided to try Sheetgo and do a connection between the two sheets, but it still won’t import the data.

Is anyone else seeing this or have a workaround? This affects our entire organization and we are desperately seeking a solution. We have one master spreadsheet that we all import from…

Thank you!


Hi @wave, please elaborate. How have you set up the connection?

How do you verify it’s not updating?

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In terms of how I linked the spreadsheet using the Connections set up. It says it is updating, but when I click on the actual cell it says that there is an error linking spreadsheets and to check and make sure I have access (which I do). Since this is the first connection I have attempted to make using Sheetgo in order to solve a Google Sheets functionality problem, I’m not sure what I should see if the connection is successful.


@wave can you show a screenshot of the cell with that error? Sheetgo doesn’t require permissions on a cell level.

If you can, please also share your files with me, so I can take a look:

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