Importrange Pull Only Header


Hey @desmondlee,

Strangely, can’t even get normal importrange to work, you?


I don’t know what is happening. But if u remove that JOIN… it will work


Which JOIN? On the source or destination?


Look at this location at Dummy source shet WO,Q1: =QUERY(Finished!A:N, “SELECT A,C,G,H,I WHERE C MATCHES '”&‘JOIN("|",K:K)&’;"’"). Remove '"&‘JOIN("|",K:K)&’;" sheetgo or import range will work but this snipplet is very import to be. It query the source value base on column C values. Unless there another idea not t use this or else need to query


The query mentioned above reduce from 6000 data to 1.4K data base on a ONE DAY WORK ORDER. This reduce the data loading on the whole dashboard by 400%


Great find! Can you please populate your sheet again?

Want to perform some more tests, thanks!


Hi Boddy its very easy to populate the table in the source from column Q onward.
At Dummy source change the number afterToday(0 will do
=query(Start!$A:$J,“select A,B,C,G,I,J where A > date '”&text(TODAY()-2,“yyyy-mm-dd”)&"'AND H=‘MY A2’",1)

I will load in more data now


OK value shows please see the dummy source file


Shhetgo team
I forgot to tell you that the query below is equally having problem in sheetgo connection. You will get only header and all data below that is missing. Hope some genius here can solve this.
=QUERY(Finished!A:N, “SELECT A,C,G,H,I WHERE C MATCHES '”&‘JOIN("|",K:K)&’;"’")


@desmondlee @Bobby this join formula is not working properly.

There’s also a couple of quotes that shouldn’t be there, and I’m assuming the result of the join is not the type of expression that works with MATCHES, such as WHERE C MATCHES '.*ia'


It would fine everywhere as not as the data is not import range. I do try do remove some of the quotes and it failed completely. Any suggestion?


@desmondlee can you share the file with me so I can take a look and understand what you are joining and the expected query result?


Hi Eugenia
The two file already shared in this conversation at the top


I tweaked with it a bit, just added amount of header rows, and it seems to be working now:


Where did you tweak it? can you show the formula here


The issue is at the importrange error file. Not the source file. The importrange error file only pull the header. I see the importrange file looks not still the same as it is


@desmondlee I was actually only tackling the Query Issue. The importrange one seems to be a whole different beast.

=QUERY(Finished!A:N, "SELECT A, C, G, H, I WHERE C MATCHES '"&JOIN("|",K:K)&"'",1)

I was on Cell U1


@eugenia @desmondlee elevated to Google Product forum:


May be we can have another way of writing this query instead of the above query. I copy that query fron someone in Stack Overflow support forum that answer my exact question and edit and applying I don’t know it gives me so much trouble.


Can you share the link here?