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May be we can have another way of writing this query instead of the above query. I copy that query fron someone in Stack Overflow support forum that answer my exact question and edit and applying I don’t know it gives me so much trouble.


Can you share the link here?


@eugenia @desmondlee

Check Karl’s reply:


Please let him edit the sheet. Its a dummy don’t worry about the data. It would be very please for me to see how he created that helper. Thank you all


@desmondlee already gave him access!


Hi Eugenia
Let’s do it your way but I am not going to use the TRUE and FALSE. Putting a helper on 67000 rows X 6 Columns every text and every minutes count. I am going to use very laymen logic by replace TRUE =1 and FALSE=0 which i think will be faster.


Hi Eugenia
That table you shared with me it not really comparing column value A to C. It compare direct row to row but I have a different column size. Try to put my name Desmond LEE at row 710 on orange and blue is still FALSE.


I use this formula dn its works =ArrayFormula(iferror(if(match(I:I,J:J,0),1,0)))


This is the link that I copy the query.