Importxml Question


I’m trying to IMPORTXML



Is there a method i could use to make it list horizontally, instead of vertically?
and/or is there a way to combine =Image with the importxml in a way to show the class=‘avatar’ / class=‘job’

thanks for any help!


ok, i figured out you can use =TRANSPOSE to make it horizontal, but still would like to know how to find class in the Images


@erebusares interesting question!

Let’s work on this example below. Can you elaborate which class in the images you’re referring to?


Hey, sorry for the late reply, but i need the C1 and D1, independently from the other 2.
thank you!


Hey @erebusares,

What do you mean by that?

C1 contains

D1 contains

What should happen with those values?


so, i was looking for a way to just find those, they have a class of ‘avatar’ and ‘job’, instead of finding all images


@erebusares Google Sheets doesn’t support image classes.

Please schedule a call with me to find a workaround: