Invoice generator


I need to add more items at least 10 for the particulars in the invoice. I am new in coding so please help me out


@Anand_Sharma we are working on such a version.

Early alpha is available here:

Since you don’t have coding skills, I recommend you wait until we release the final version.



I am also new to coding. I wish to use a script like this in the IDE to query data from a database that is generated daily and then implement it with a macro in an external software I have to use to generate invoices for three different categories. New, Used, and General. What would the next steps be in order to do this?


Which IDE?

What database?

What external software?


VBA with Bluezone in CDK


@kgood thanks. And how does Google Sheet fit into this picture?

Our invoice generator is based on Google Sheets and Google Apps Script.