Issue with column BY


Hi there,

your app has issue with col BY, similar to google sheet importrange - e.g: select A,B,BA,BY,DG where A is not null - in google importrange if you enter: select A,B,BA,‘BY’,DG where A is not null, it brings back correct data, but in Sheetgo it doesn’t.


Hi @karen,

Interesting case, indeed.

I have created an example spreadsheet:

I have created a query as follows:


It brings in only column, however, not the right one.

@eugenia @chad have you had this issue before? :flushed:


Great catch @karen use ` instead of ’

But @Bobby using the back quote it actually works and brings columns BY.

However if you use single quotes as ‘BY’ you actually generate a column with value named BY

Take a look:
This table was created by this query:
Pardon the printscreens, but the formatting shortcuts here mess with my quotes. :smile:


@eugenia thanks! Look at my first post, however. I have used the `` but it didn’t work when I had tried it. Anyway, just retried it and now it seems to be working. :kissing_closed_eyes: