Issues with the Receipts section of Cashflow


I have tried to input data relevant to my incomings over a 10 day time frame but It seems altering the headings and attempting to put data into the template has affected how the interconnected formulas function so that they are now very broken producing errors at the other end. I can’t tell how to fix it or manipulate the way in which I enter my data to enable the formulas to function…heres a link to the folder:
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Just adding more information from woodywashere:

I tried to add the income for a coffee stall so End of Day Total and Takings, EDT being takings minus a float of £100
The takings are projected from market research, and then I used random percentages and averaging in formula to simulate day-to-day fluctuations.


@woodywashere thanks for sharing the folder.

Can you specify the exact cells you want us to look at?


Hi Bobby, i guess the columns in the Receipts page where I have entered End Of Day Totals and Takings


Hi @woodywashere,

You’re not supposed to enter your data here:

but rather here:


I know, i have not entered any data into the cash flow master sheet


We need to understand which change has broken your sheet. For now I have restored a working version.