Linking a Google Form to Existing Expense Tracker Worksheet


I am using the Expense tracker template. In the instructions for the Individual expense worksheets, there is the following instruction:

Create a Google Form and link it to the Expenses tab to input and validate data!

I do not understand how you would link a Google Form to an existing worksheet in a file because they create a new worksheet instead of linking to an existing one. Therefore, I do not know how to link the Form to the Expenses tab when it already exists in the file.


Hi @scsteinfurth this is a pro tip, indeed.

Right, you can link to an existing spreadsheet but not sheet.

So, link to your existing spreadsheet. The form will create a new tab.

Then, reference your existing sheet to the newly created one by using the =ARRAYFORMULA.

If you are unclear, share your example here and I am happy to show you how.