Overwrite a Google Sheet tab from an Excel tab with formatting


Hi! Each day, twice daily, I export an Excel file from SSRS called “Daily Report” The single tab in the Excel file is also called “Daily Report” It is always exported to the same location/folder on our server. I need for the same 'Daily Report" tab in a Google Sheet (which also contains seven other unrelated tabs) to be overwritten from this Excel tab. The important thing is that all the formatting from the Excel file has to be there. That will change each time the file is exported, since the data will change.

Can you please explain how to accomplish this using Sheetgo?


I was able to create a workflow to update data, but it doesn’t keep the formatting. I’m not sure what to do about that.


Hi @klgrube,

We don’t transfer formatting from Excel to Google Sheets as of now.

Having said that, format your Google Sheet destination to your liking and run the connection again.

The custom format of the Google Sheet should stick.

Can you try that and report back?

Thanks & Happy Easter! :slight_smile: