Prevent Sheetgo from blanking the destination spreadsheet


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So, here is the challenge.

Let’s develop scenarios under which Sheetgo would blank the destination spreadsheet based on different conditions of the source file.

Once we have put the scenarios together, we can think of different solutions and workaround to prevent this.

@JeffBush can you add your challenge in a post below?

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Here’s the scenario that I face. We have a service that exports the transactions for the month we’re in from our Quickbooks accounts. Each day it exports to the same file, including everything month to date. We just use a Sheetgo Connection to put that where we need it.

But come the first of the next month, it keeps doing the same thing, exporting the transactions of the month it’s in. I.e. the NEXT month. If I didn’t make some provision to change the target of the Sheetgo Connection, I’d overwrite all the previous month’s transactions. So… instead, I have (or I WOULD have… if I can make this work) a set of 12 Sheetgo Connections, one for each month to a different “month” destination. The incoming data identifies the month that its in, to a “month-identifying” cell… i.e. March = TRUE. Then I’m hoping that the Sheetgo gurus will add a feature by which the Connection first checks for a TRUE/FALSE condition in a given cell, and only runs when it sees a TRUE. If March=TRUE, the “March” Connection runs and places the data in the March destination. Other month Connections all see FALSE, so they don’t run and overwrite their data.

Hope this makes sense… Thx for thinking about it! Jeff…


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Can we jointly create a mockup sheet for this issue?



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I’ve got one Idea. Just gimme some time to draft it. :wink:


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You did see the mockup sheet, right?



@Bobby thanks for highlighting it. I hadn’t seen. @JeffBush

So the only way we can prevent blanking on the destination is using the append feature.
The way you describe it, we can create a filter per month. I did some tweaking with the spreadsheet that was shared.
I use a dynamic query filter to avoid duplicating data on your destination sheet.
The only hassle is you gonna have to create 12 different connections for each of the 12 sheets I use to filter the original data. Good news is you can set it up on the beginning of each year and only worry about it again a year from then.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Also, bear in mind these information:
That are text on a date column, will not get pulled.
It depends a bit on how important those info are, we might be able to find a workaround.

PS: These should be scheduled to run daily.


@eugenia this is a beautiful workaround! :heart: