Release of latest version 17.07.2019. Please test!



Dear community,

We have released a new version of the invoice generator.

Please make a copy, test and give us your feedback.



Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the updated version !
I just tried the previous one and I could not have it working because my VAT rates have to apply to different products regardless of the country, so this one seems to be perfectly adaptable.
Still, I am not sure to understand how to properly connect it to the Invoice template ?


Not sure what you mean. The script is already connected to the invoice template since it’s on the same spreadsheet.

Have you followed the instructions?


Not in the last version I believe :slightly_smiling_face:
But I managed to figure out how to do it with [Ioannis_Pailas] help here:


Great! Let’s properly link it for further reference then. :slight_smile: