Sheetgo 1.9.14l released


Features :star2:

  • Improved application and connections performance
  • Filter by color (Google Sheets only)
  • New users now sign up with the trial plan already activated
  • New Interface focused on Workflows
  • New Workflow Page
  • New Solutions gallery page
  • New Solution installation page
  • New Onboarding Wizard
  • New solution templates:
    • Income Statement
    • Attendance management
    • Gradebooks management
    • Marketing KPIs

Adjustments :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Renamed “Sales Reps Management” solution name to “Leads tracking management”
  • Updated the Login page description and background
  • Visual adjustments on Dashboard Page
  • Adjust error message for large files and too many formulas to better handle these errors:
    • Bad gateway issues
    • Unknown error
    • The read operation timed out
  • Improvements on transfer formatting process and Sheets API requests (twice as fast as before)
  • Updated the Privacy Policy version
  • Minor adjustments on front components

Fixes :space_invader:

  • File browser search wasn’t working properly on connection wizard (1st connection)
  • Identify source allocating data on an incorrect column
  • Connection with CSV getting “File is trashed” error
  • On file browser, the search icon was outside of the top bar space
  • CSV connection file encoding error breaking the request
  • Excel/CSV file as the destination doesn’t work on Team Drive
  • Connection gets corrupted when changing the destination
  • Connection breaking values for transfer formatting
  • Fix drag-and-drop too sensitive to mouse click
  • Random errors while installing some templates
  • Error on change the connection schedule to hourly


@eugenia what a great release! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: