Sheetgo 1.9.20 is out!


Many exciting new features entered Sheetgo last week. Check below:

  • New Sheetgo interface focused on Workflows
  • New welcome dialog
  • New login page
  • New home page for Add-on
  • New dialog to create a workflow
  • Onboarding tooltips
    • Quick messages for some components and buttons to guide new users
  • Auto-login for the Add-on
    • On open the add-on, all the users are automatically logged in, even new users
  • Customized URL for every single workflow
    • On share a workflow, the recipient receives this URL to open the app directly on that workflow page
  • Added option to search connections by spreadsheet
  • Added checkbox to select all connections

Any questions about any of these? Ask below! :slight_smile:

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