Sheetgo 1.9.9 released 🎉


Our latest release features a new logo animation for the “Loading Sheetgo” page (see below) and comes with a new section on the connection editor for advanced settings (choose date format, how to paste values and more).

Go and check it out! :hugs::yum:

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Very nice! @Bobby What are the key advantages to toggling the Value insert method to “Raw” vs. keeping it at the default “User Entered Value”? Would it basically be useful for when I’d want to remove any formatting that might be default applied by Google? I suppose I could play with it a bit and see, but just thought I would ask your thoughts! Thanks and have a great day


@Jimmy great question! :yum:

It’s easiest explained if you take a look at what most applications offer. For example, Google Chrome in its context menu:


Raw basically means to paste as plain text. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: