Sheetgo Automated invoice script - how to change Currency


Hi all, I hope you can help. The Sheetgo automated invoice script is great, just what I’m looking for but I’m having difficulty making some changes such as changing the currency the invoice is generating in. Formatting the data in the ‘data’ tab isn’t changing the result in the invoice so if anyone can help, I’d be really grateful!



Hey @MikeHarp,

Glad you’re liking it! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

Mind creating a fresh new copy and sharing it here so we can jointly adjust it to your liking and save it as a best case example for the wider community?




If I’m not mistaken this actually has to be changed on the script itself.
I remember doing it for someone.


Hey, thank you for your replies.

@Bobby - Here’s the link
@eugenia - I’ve had a look through the code but I can’t find anything obvious, do you happen to know where in the code I need to look?

Thank you again


@MikeHarp what a coincidence! :sweat_smile:

I was just about to post the same. Had a look at the App Script, too but couldn’t find any mention of the currency.

@eugenia looking forward to your solution!


@Bobby ha! Is it just me or does the search box when in script editor stick to the middle of the page too? Annoying!


@MikeHarp try hitting Ctrl and then drag your window around. Should work. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi Guys @MikeHarp @Bobby

Its on line 198:


Sweet, thanks for posting the screenshot! :heart_eyes:


And just like that! 1 problem down. Truly grateful!


@MikeHarp anytime! :blush:

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