Sheetgo doesn't load anymore


The right panel stays white after I click start from the drop-drown. It happens just in the file where I have the connections already set up.


@mdamato thanks for your flag!

Have you done anything for Sheetgo to reappear or has it solved itself by simply trying it again after a certain time?


It solved itself! Not sure why


@mdamato anyway, glad to hear that! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:


I got the same error again. It loads on other sheets though. I’ve tried to close/reopen/new tab/etc. Any fix?


Fixed with right-click > Reload Frame

I have another problem: did you change the plans? Now it says it doesn’t support TSV anymore on the free plan. I’ve already everything setup.


We are releasing an update in 20 minutes to fix this properly!

We did, yes. TSV were taking too much server power. We need to price them differently.

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