Support for check boxes


@bfarnan splitting this into a separate topic.

Support for pictures

@bfarnan this is a great idea! I will mark this as a feature reqest. Below is an example of your described issue and how it should ideally look like:


Thanks, Bobby.

The Ideally tab should look just like the source tab—a functioning checkbox.

And if you could figure out how to make it so checking this now, fully functioning checkbox, that it would update the source file, and by extension, update each of the sheets that are connected—that would unlock a lot of capabilities.


Well spotted, thanks!

You mean, if I check a specific box, then update a specific destination sheet?


I mean, we have a source, master sheet. It has active checkboxes. Then we have 1 or more destination sheets that pulls data from master sheet. It would be nice when it pulls data that includes active checkboxes, it the destination would show the active checkbox, not the “true” or “false” result of the checkbox.

The next step would be, once we have achieved getting the active checkbox to import into the destination sheet, if we checked the active checkbox on the DESTINATION sheet, the source sheet would be updated. This would, in turn, update all destination sheets with that checkbox.


OK, we got this covered by the Sheets example above under the “ideal” scenario.

What’s the use case here? You check the box for a row on the destination and then, what would you update on the original source?

This is still not clear to me. Please elaborate.