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Google just updated a few of its features.

First is for inserting images into the cells of Sheets spreadsheets. Before, when we wanted to insert an image, Sheets used to require a hosted image address for the image. Just recently, it allows us to take a picture and drop it right in the cell. You can even take a picture from your iPad right into a cell on sheets. Moreover, now the images show up in the Sheets app on the iPad.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it works with Sheetgo. I have a spreadsheet of our clinical supplies. Each item has a picture of it included in the spreadsheet (Column A). When I connect this spreadsheet to another spreadsheet via Sheetgo, Column A comes through as blank. I also tried checking the option to keep the formatting, but again, it comes through as blank. Any idea on when and if this could be fixed?

Second issue is the checkbox feature. Sheets has checkboxes that results in a “true” or “false” value. Visually, the cell shows a box that is checked or unchecked. When sheetgo pulls in data that was a checkbox, the result is a “true” or “false”, not the checkbox image. It would be REALLY nice if it had the ability to pull the checkbox as well.


Hi @bfarnan,

Can you please add your pictures to this example spreadsheet using your method:

Then we can look for a way to support those.


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