Two-Way Connection Issues


Hi everyone.

Trying to use Sheetgo for a two-way connection on google docs.

I have a master database in one google sheet (Master) that contains 144 lines of data. I was successfully able to make a connection in a new google sheet (A) that is a subset of the Master Data - comes out to about 44 lines of data. I want certain members of the team to be able to update sheet A and for that data to update the Master sheet. However when the Master sheet is updated with Sheet A’s info it deletes all of the other info on the Master sheet, so now my Master sheet is 44 lines of data - the same lines I originally imported into Sheet A

I want to maintain the original Master data and only update the appropriate lines from Sheet A.

any help is appreciated!


Hi @JRey,

It sounds like Sheetgo is refreshing your destination (which is your original source) upon update.

Have you already checked our recommended instructions on the blog?


Thanks Bobby! and yup that was the blog entry I used to get this all set up. I re-reviewed it and not sure where I went wrong…


Thanks @JRey! So, now it’s working correctly for you?



Sorry I wasn’t clear. I had followed the blog process from the beginning and it is still not working properly.
When my master sheet is updated it’s being completely overwritten by Sheet A instead of just updating the contents of the common lines of data.


@JRey can you temp. share your spreadsheet with us to take a look at the problem together?

Would help debugging!


Hey Bobby - would it be possible to share with you directly and not on the forum?


@JRey absolutely! Use

I will fix your problem and share the generic solution here later on. :slight_smile:

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For everyone reading this, to be clear:

For the two-way sync to work properly, you need to export ALL your master sheet data to different destinations and then merge them back using a consolidate connection.


Your master sheet has data for John, Mary and Jess. Create three separate destination spreadsheets for each of them and export (send) your data to them.

Last, on your master spreadsheet, create a consolidate connection to merge back your data from John, Mary and Jess. The connection name must be the original master sheet name for the merge to work properly.


That was indeed a nice explanation Bobby! Straight to the point and for whom needs some assistance share with our community the copy of your data. So we can help you all. :wink:


Hi Guys

Nice problem to solve, however before I embark on a solution for my needs, am I correct in thinking that it won’t work for me…

“Sunday School Attendance Project”

  1. Parent Centralised database with all students, name, dob, parents details, class assigned (Class 1)
  2. Child sheets for each class (Class 1, Class 2 etc).
  3. Each teacher gets access only to their class sheet in which they update the attendance record for the child.
  4. Central database gets update if attendance record from each class
  5. A nice feature would also be for me to be able to easily change the class allocation on the central database and the respected child sheets get updated automatically

Can this be done?..

Thank you for your help



@Gurpreet_Sidhu I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Have you already given the instructions a try?